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  Custom Apparel    

Your brand deserves the very best. Why give someone a tee shirt that quickly winds up in the charity bin or the rag pile? Seattle Logo Pro tee shirts and custom apparel proudly sport your logo and company colors. They look great -- wash after wash -- and could easily become the favorite piece of clothing of your customer, your employee and you!

Seattle Logo Pro creates shirts and apparel that stand the test of time without breaking the bank.

Seattle Logo Pro has more than 500 apparel brands, cuts, styles, sizes and fabrics to choose from in hundreds of colors. Your brand is your image, so cracking, fading, wrinkling and fraying are unacceptable. We'll hand press your clothes on-site to ensure ultra premium quality that creates a lasting impression wherever the wearer goes.

  1st Step: Logo and Art Design Options:  
I'll Design myself.   Let our Design Team work you!   Stop by and see us!
  2nd Step: Apparel Providers:  
  Screen Printing:  
  Screen Printing is a great way to gain the attention of your audience. It takes a special process to produce a great product. That process starts with creating great artwork. Seattle Logo Pro's inhouse graphic designers have the ability to make your artwork shine. Whether we are creating it fresh or working with your existing designs, we can make it happen. Once we have the artwork, we will transfer it from a digital copy and burn it on a screen. Then we'll place the screen on the press and before you know it, you'll be wearing your custom apparelin no time. If you just can't get enough, and promise you won't hold this 90's video against us!
Watch: The Basics of Screen Printing
  Embroidery is a lot like screen printing,: It's also a great way to customize your apparel. Art is just as important and it has around the same steps. If you need hats or raised lettering. This is a great way to go. Click here for a quote!  
  Sublimated digital transfers are revolutionizing the promotional products market. At one time this exciting new option was to costly for the average joe. Not any more! Even we can afford them;) Best thing is you can order 1 to infinity. Well, maybe not infinity, but you can get enough for all your friends. We can print in full color on mugs, mouse pads, plaques, light color perfomance fabrics, t-shirts and more. The image is virtually indestructible, yet its not rough to the touch and won't fade. Prints are give you that WOW! appeal, with photographic quality!  
  HT Vinyl Transfer:  
  HT Vinyl Transfer is a great option if you only want a couple shirts. It comes in a roll that is sent through our snazzy vinyl cutter machine.  After we come up with a design on the computer thingee, we telepathically send it to the vinyl cutter and it cuts out your design.  Then we call out to our little vinyl elf's and they weed out the design with there little elf finger.  The vinyl that they pull off will then be placed on the shirt and then heat pressed at 1 million degrees!.. or about 350 give or take.  Then Waolah! You have a shirt with your own creation pressed on it.  Now go show your friends and tell them you got it Seattle Logo Pro.  
  InkJet Transfer:  
  Inkjet Transfer is option 2 if you only want a couple shirts, but this process in limited to light colored shirts(white is best).  This inkjet transfer you are not limited to how many colors on the shirt, but you can put full colar photo on the shirt.  This is the same as the iron-ons that we all did as kids when we had to put our favorite cartoon on our shirt(He-Man was my favorite),  But the inkjet transfer that we use is much more commercial and doesn't crack and fall apart This helps moms around the world, cause you don't have to yell at that them for ruining your favorite He-Man shirt....Sorry it still hurts. The transfer that we use is much more durable and will last for years.  The image will not be as bright as a screenprint or vinyl, but still will be great for option for most needs.  So if you want your favorite dog "Rufas" on a t-shirt then send me your art and we'll get'er done.

Turn garment inside out. This will minimize the amount of abrasion that the transfer will encounter with other garments in the wash. Wash the garment in cold water using a mild detergent. DO NOT USE BLEACH Remove the garment from the wash immediately and allow to air dry. If you are going to tumble dry, use the air only setting or low temperature. By doing this over the life of the garment, you will be ensuring that your image stays clear and bright. Do not iron directly on the transferred area.
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